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Imposing order on chaos since 1972.

  • Deep Roots

    Jef got his start in software development as a young child in the early days of the PC era, writing science fair projects in PET BASIC and developing rudimentary animations. Many sleepless nights were spent hunched over the brown plastic keys of his Commodore 64, exploring bulletin boards at 300-bps.

  • Continued Passion

    Jef continued as an active hobbyist through his high school and college careers, expanding into platforms such as UNIX and VMS, witnessing the birth of the Internet and the dramatic expansion of computer technology into all areas of business and academic life.

  • Do What You Love

    Jef's professional experience includes supporting new product launches for Dell Computer and providing small business consulting services during the dot-com boom in Austin, Texas. Later, Jef moved to San Antonio, Texas to help with a successful telecom start-up, serving as its Technical Operations Director until it was acquired.

  • Love What You Do

    Jef continues to reside with his family in San Antonio, where he also worked as an IT Director for a leading integrated services provider, establishing and running its internal Application Development department, helping support growth to $1.4B in annual revenues. Jef left this position in 2014 to focus on independent consulting.

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